What can I say, these two siblings had bounds of energy and the park setting allowed them to freely express this... often in a rough and tumble kinda lovin' way:) The sun was just an hour from setting when we started and the light was beautiful and warm but still quite sharp which is typical for this change in season time of year. I've posted just a few from our session, mostly in black and white, with a couple at the end to show their gorgeous colouring.




It was close to sunset on a mild day and we got some very warm, sweet photos.
This is a new location and we had so much fun "finding the light"...
not easy when the park was full of walkers and dogs off lead.
 They were fascinated (the dogs that is) with Miss J
 and managed to leave a huge amount of slobber
 on our clothes and my reflector.
Note to self...BRING WET WIPES!!


After taking some photos amongst the trees, we saw these huge, sticky spider webs...
needless to say we moved far
far away to a more grassy open area by the water...

And just in case Miss J's serious expressions fooled you, I've added
 just two of the many funny poses
 she struck at every
possible opportunity,
 yes she is one serious clown at heart!
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