My children run and hide when I bring my camera out
 ( for that matter so does our dog).....
which unfortunately for them is just about always.
 I have to practice daily after all and who better to practice on than my in house models,
both furry and feisty.
 I'm sure most photographers children develop this very annoying instinct
 and bribery works sometimes
 still but my kids are very
 switched on to my desperation
 and have learnt to work me. Oi. It's now
 "Only if you drive me here"
 "Only if so and so can come for a sleep over."
 it's not as simple as offering a lolly anymore,
so I have had to resort to sneakiness,
stealth and speed. 
Maybe it's not playing fair but I've managed
to get some off guard photos. Ones where their attention is
 caught elsewhere and by the time they've realised my camera is out...
well, it's too late for them to react.
The shot has been taken.
Done and dusted! 
The unfortunate side effect of my sneakiness though
 seems to be constant distrust from my kids (and our dog)..
maybe I should think of a smarter plan.

This photo was taken when my youngest was cooling herself from the 40 degree C heat by our back door. Her mind was miles away and she only half registered my intrusion.



Porcupine quills and Guinea Fowl feathers.....I adore that combination of spots and stripes.



....of thirds that is.
 In photography and even painting we're taught the human
eye automatically seeks out a focal point
and we feel more comfortable when that point falls within the rule of thirds.
 So if you had to divide this photo into three equal parts horizontally and vertically,
where the lines cross is where we should place our focal point.
 This rule is made to be broken sometimes as art is subjective...
 and because I like this photo even though it wasn't composed well.
 There is too much space behind the subjects
and I feel the composition would've been stronger if I'd placed them to the left of the frame ...
.but I loved the colours
 and the ripples
 which would've been
cut off



..... we had a bit of drama to add to the fun.
 Here you can see my husband and oldest daughter starting out on their
 kayak from the pier.  
While I was taking happy snaps, passers by spotted this in the water.
What you can't see it?
Ok let me zoom in for you...

 Better? Eeek!

In come my water babies back to the beach at full speed....

Ok, let me not create drama where there was none...
this is a dolphin fin,
one of many dolphins having fun around the boats and
we were the lucky ones to get to watch them play...
although my hands were still shaking a bit too
 much to try and get
a better



Her skin reminds me of peaches and cream...







Can you hear

Sisterly love / Sharon Leigh Photography

I've finally bowed to pressure and have started this blog so family, friends and clients can see I'm not totally blog phobic:). I have to say though, just getting this little page up took me longer than is reasonably acceptable and has made me realise I maybe need that "HTML For Dummies" book my husband always threatens me with. My new mantra is "html is fun"....yeah right!
Apart from that I'm looking forward to blogging my latest projects and thought it appropriate to start with a picture that surely must place hope firmly in the hearts of all parents. Sibling rivalry is here to stay but every now and again there is a glimpse, a tiny glimpse, that love between competitive sisters can exist:). Here's proof just in case I doubt my words on those stormy days.

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