I keep on having to look at these just to prove the sunshine wasn't just
 a figment of our winter weary minds.
Sunshine, warm wonderful sunshine....
 My heart skipped a beat and my hand got camera itch for the first time in weeks.
 Even Miss J couldn't wait to soak up some sun fun
 so we headed up the road to the cherry
 blossoms where we mostly played
 and squished our toes through grass and mud.
 Eventually I was allowed
 to capture a few sweet

 The best part of the afternoon for Miss J though was when she made
 a new friend with a girl and her horse,
 happily riding through the orchards till the sun set.
 Needless to say her heart went to sleep happy but
 her mind also kicked into scheming gear
 on how to convince us to buy her
 a horse of her own and
 keep it in our backyard!
 "But mum, I just HAVE to have a horse. I feel it deep in my HEART!"
 And I know she does......

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