It seems odd to talk about the relationship I have with a particularly weighty lens of mine,
 but it led to a very pleasant discovery.
 It's a good lens, an excellent lens, and I dislike it intensely.
 I should love it, I was hoping to love it, and it was because I was trying to love it again
 that I rediscovered my love for my camera.
 Because this lens is so heavy and because it was darkly overcast,
 to ward off camera shake
I had to set my ISO to 2500!...
.I really was expecting
 to have noise issues with these images,
 after all my previous camera threw in the
 towel at ISO 400,
 but see for yourself.
 Very little noise/grain right?
So two thumbs up for my Canon 5DMark II
and a special thanks to my 24-70L...may I grow in strength to hold you steady!

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