I couldn't have asked for more photogenic children to photograph.
 They were so relaxed in front of the camera and up for everything, even sitting in slushy
 mud and wet long grass.
 Thanks guys for a fun afternoon and for being such great sports!!
 On a side note my cameras high ISO capability is now worth its weight in gold.
 Melbourne autumn/winter sun starts setting at 5:00pm and light runs out quickly after 4:00pm so my after school sessions have had to be very quick.
 If winter continues this way, earlier weekend sessions
 might be my only option.
 The photos from this session moved from ISO 500 to ISO 6400 in the space of an hour!


Mr J is a budding photographer and already has a very creative eye
and is so tech savvy for such a young age.
 We had some very interesting chats about photography!

Miss M is just herself in front of the lens, just the way I like it.
 Look at her beautiful naturalness!

This is one of my favourites from the session.
 It's unposed,
 just a moment
caught when she spotted the berries.
 I adore
 the colours and
 gentle hand.

She had brought her umbrella along because of the weather
 but instead of rain,
 we got a stream of sunlight when the clouds parted.
Her favourite thing to do was to chew on sweet,
short stalks of grass.


Another favourite of mine. The colours are gorgeous and I love how the branches frame her.

Thanks again guys.
 I'll see you again in the summertime:)

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