textures onto an image can
 intensify the atmosphere or story. One of my future
posts will show how to add textures for those that like the look... I definitely
use textures more subtly now than I did on these older images below, but I still like the look
and it's so easy to make your own textures by photographing items around the house.
I used my scratched up metal cookie tray for one of mine. There are
 also plenty of free textures
just check what the owners allow
you to do with
 it first.

This is a magical beast .... 
that holds the secret of light & shadow in a safe place in her heart & when it has been too long grey,
she starts to dance & laugh & cry & sing & the sunlight fills her up
 & spills in wild abandon
 back into the world

"I'm scared to sleep,
I'm scared to dream,
I'm scared to wake up in case I scream. 
I can't breathe" 
~ Lyrics - Gary Numan

 .... wrap my cold heart, my sorrowful soul,   

my wasting being... with all the

 warmth you can give-

 you can share- you can care!

warm again- as you could, all that's

irresistibly comforting to hold....

 ~ Dimitri Marcellana


 The damaged girl just could not sleep,
because her thoughts were way too deep.
Her mind had gone out for a stroll
and fallen down a rabbit hole.
The End.
(author unknown)
Thanks to LesBrumes on flickr for the texture

Tattoo of Roses


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