..... of the facial kind.
 I had to laugh the other day when a friend commented on my daughters very intense expression.
 We have known each other since our kids were together in first grade
and I wondered how she had missed seeing it before.
 It made me think about it though
 and how I always got that comment when I was spotted in my car driving....
except I get told I look angry.
 So I made a concerted effort to relax my facial muscles so as not to send the wrong signals.
 So here we are with life repeating itself,
except reminding her to relax only makes the frown deeper.....
and in anycase on her I find it interesting.
 It happens when she is miles away in her own thoughts
 and I wish I could tune in.
 Or maybe
 I should be careful what I wish for...
after all she is a teenager!

And then she registers my camera
 but only her lips change instantly to tell me to go away:)
Her full thoughts haven't returned to the present yet.
I love the mood of this next pic,
to me it shows the relaxed,
 hazy day we had on fathers day,
 with just a suggestion of hubby with his hands in his pockets
 pretending to stare at the ocean
 but actually listening to
 the conversation of
 his girls and
 having his mind slightly curdled.


Julianna Collett said...

Oh my , did I write this?! One of my revelations white doing some self portraits for my 365 was that , my relaxed face looks grouchy! REALLY grouchy and my oldest girl is the same. I am always trying to be aware now and tell my self to raise my eyebrows and relax ... probably just look rediculous now!

Sharon said...

lol, so a lot of us suffer from this! Yes, it must look very funny to an observer to witness tense muscles contorting into unnatural relaxed pleasantness.lol

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