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We had planned to do a fifteen minute mini session to mark her turning Thirteen, but the park was so quiet and the light so yummy, we decided to make the most of it and got a few more poses in. I can't believe my first born, my baby, is now officially a teenager! Where did the years go? I still see her as a little curly headed girl, always full of questions, constantly talking. So when she sweetly peeked around the tree like this I had to snap the moment....just as a reminder that although she is growing up, she still has so much of that playful, cheeky child in her.

Colour or black and white. You choose. I couldn't. 

She is a natural poser, maybe it has something to do with being in front of my camera so often, but her natural clowning can't be contained for long and when I get this expression I know something is brewing behind those eyes.

Yip, there it is. Cartoon time. The funniest thing for me is how hard she laughs at her own clowning.  I mean it literally takes minutes and minutes for her to stop laughing hysterically! Of course we are all laughing so much by then none of us can carry on until she calms herself.

 There it is again. A jogger jogged behind her just as I took the photo and she found this incredibly funny for some reason. The giggles continue...

 I couldn't decide between the black and white so I again put both versions up. These are my favourite because I can see her eyelashes and freckles. You see....she's still my baby!

I adore her so much. Can you tell?  Happy birthday sweetie pie!


Julianna Collett said...

These are incredible , such a beautiful girl!

Sharon said...

Thank you Julianna!

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